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Brand identity for Vrátna, inspired by Malá Fatra's nature, celebrating local flora and tradition through a vibrant visual language.



Brand Strategy

Jakub Otcenas

Peter Galko

Brand Design

Jakub Lysý

Tomáš Paulen

Jakub Otcenas

Website Design

Marián Matej

Case Study Design

Tomáš Paulen


Ľuboš Lenghart

Vrátna isn't just a location on the map but a place in people's minds. Alongside stunning nature and breathtaking views, it offers a setting for unforgettable experiences and memories.

The tourist tradition and beautiful landscapes of Malá Fatra have inspired its new brand identity. The colorful palette reflects the diverse flora of the mountains, forests, and meadows, while the pictograms carry the legacy of tourist navigation symbols.

Pictograms serve as visual shorthand, representing the full range of activities in Malá Fatra National Park. Combined with nature photographs and the claim "Hor sa," they become fundamental elements of our communication. The simple style supports the overall brand identity and distinguishes it from other national parks. These prominent pictograms are easily understood across all age groups and are linguistically universal.

This combination of iconography, colors, photographs, and typography creates a system that allows us to communicate our activities, considering their diversity and seasonality. In Vrátna, you'll find almost everything for active relaxation and enjoyment in nature. We ensure that our identity emphasizes the most attractive aspect of Vrátna — the natural beauty of Malá Fatra National Park.

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