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Gerulata Technologies

Brand expansion project for a SaaS startup specializing in strategic communication and institutional digital safety.


Gerulata Technologies


Jakub Otcenas

Marián Matej

Ema Cepková


Marek Racik

Lubos Lenghart


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Gerulata Technologies stands as a protective force in the digital landscape, creating innovative AI-based tools to combat disinformation and hostile propaganda. Building upon a strong wordmark originally crafted by studio Andrej&Andrej, we embarked on a journey to revitalize their visual branding system, enhancing deeper brand recognition that harmonizes with the company's critical mission.

Drawing inspiration from the historic essence of a Roman military camp situated near Bratislava, which lends the company its name, we developed new insignias that echo a rich heritage and embody authority. This vivid historical resonance was paired with the refined typographies of FK Grotesk and Telegraf, crafting a visual narrative that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in a rich past.

We expanded our creative endeavor to build a new website, a digital hub that mirrors Gerulata’s steadfast commitment to truth and safety. Facing the challenge of crafting imagery that befits the sensitive focus of the company, we turned to AI technology, a decision that birthed visuals deep with meaning, ensuring a narrative that is authentic and shielded from potential missteps while embracing rich historical nuances.

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