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Website for the VIGILANT project, aimed at countering online disinformation.


Marián Matej

Peter Galko


Karina Slizova

In a concerted effort to curb online criminal content, the VIGILANT project unites experts, government entities, and law enforcement agencies from 11 European nations. This initiative, backed by the European Union, is dedicated to arming police authorities with the most recent tools and knowledge to combat digital misinformation effectively.

We had the critical responsibility of reimagining the VIGILANT website, enhancing its user experience while preserving its original logo. Leveraging the versatile Webflow platform, our team introduced a new structure, carried out web development, and infused a fresh aesthetic appeal to mirror the project's ambitious objectives accurately.

Now, the revamped website stands as a visually engaging and user-friendly hub, facilitating a rich understanding of the VIGILANT project's central role in safeguarding digital society. We invite you to explore the website to learn more about the collaborative actions powering this crucial endeavor.

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