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Modern and bold visuals crafted for Simona Donaha comedy special.


Silné Reči Stand-up Comedy Show


Jakub Otčenáš

Case Study

Paulína Kvaššayová

In the vibrant world of stand-up comedy, Simona Donaha emerges as a whirlwind of humor, brought to life through a riot of visuals by the creative minds at Silné reči. Simona Salátová, the reigning queen of comedy in Slovakia, spearheads this laughter extravaganza, leaving audiences in splits with her impeccable timing and wit. Picture a show where the humor is as vivid and multifaceted as a peacock's tail, brought to life through visuals that are as vibrant as the punchlines themselves!

As Simona embarks on a rib-tickling journey across Slovakia and Czechia, we were tasked with concocting a visual identity as colorful and dynamic as her comedy. Just as Simona leaves the audience in stitches, we envisioned a visual feast that virtually bursts with an extravaganza of colors, promising spectators a spectacle of humor that would have them laughing in technicolor. It's not just visuals; it's a laughter guarantee, a vibrant splash of comedy delivered with a punch(line) of colors!

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the seriously funny business of crafting visuals that laugh right along with Simona. Picture a visual palette that giggles in yellows, chuckles in blues, and roars in reds; a canvas that wears a smile as broad as the audience at a Simona Donaha show. Come for the comedy, stay for the riot of colors, and leave with a heart lighter than air, because a Simona Donaha show isn't just a comedy show; it's a colorful carnival of comedy, riding on waves of laughter colored in every hue imaginable!

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