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Digital transformation for TECHBOX, enhancing its online presence with a new visual identity.


Peter Galko

Jakub Otčenáš



Case Study Design

Nikoleta Dekanová


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TECHBOX, a renowned Slovak lifestyle and technology magazine since 2005, has made a bold leap into the future by transitioning from a print publication to an exclusively online platform.

Our objective was to create a new visual system and website design that would not only encapsulate TECHBOX's unique blend of technology and lifestyle content but also engage its diverse audience.

Our approach was centered on advanced UX and UI design principles to ensure the new website is not just a repository of information but a vibrant, interactive space that aligns with TECHBOX's dynamic content. The result is a digital platform that significantly enhances TECHBOX's online presence, offering readers a modern, accessible, and visually stunning gateway to the latest in technology and lifestyle, thereby reinforcing TECHBOX's position as a key player in Slovakia's media landscape.

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