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Generali Balans

Fostering health and life balance through Generali Balans content platform.

Social Media Strategy

Matúš Polakovič

Martin Holík

Lukáš Pazera

Katarína Pirháčová

Peter Galko

Social Media Management

Lukáš Pazera

Nikola Kisfaludyová

Graphic Design

Nikoleta Dekanová

Lucia Grečnárová

Paulína Kvaššayová

Oliver Turčan

Roman Mikláš

Jakub Lysý

Marián Matej

Case Study Design

Roman Mikláš

Project Manager

Katarína Poláková

Michaela Martónová

Zuzana Greškovičová

Ema Čabová

To foster a lifetime partnership with its customers, the Generali insurance company tasked our agency with the creation and sustenance of the Generali Balans platform, a pivotal initiative aimed at promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Our collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences has been a cornerstone in this endeavor, elevating the platform’s credibility and enriching the content with high-value insights. For nearly five years, we have managed Generali Balans, producing a plethora of articles, podcasts, and videos that have transformed it into a well-trusted resource visited by hundreds of thousands of individuals annually, all in pursuit of advice and strategies to attain a harmonious life balance.

But our role extends beyond just content creation; we are the architects of its social media strategy, ensuring the core messages reach and resonate with a broad audience. Through meticulous stewardship and occasional targeted ad campaigns, Generali Balans effectively encourages a balanced life rooted in well-being, echoing Generali’s commitment to being a lifetime partner to its customers.

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