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A one-stop website featuring every available office and retail space at Nové Nivy area.


HB Reavis Slovakia


Marián Matej

Peter Galko




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In a strategic move to enhance user experience, leading European workspace provider HB Reavis has consolidated all available office and retail spaces in the premium Nove Nivy area into a single, comprehensive website. Previously, each development in the area had its dedicated website, making the search for the right space fragmented and less user-friendly for prospective clients. This process required navigating multiple platforms to explore and compare different spaces, which was both time-consuming and inefficient.

We intervened to craft a unified platform offering a streamlined browsing experience. Clients can now explore a diverse range of options through an intuitive interface with a smart filtering system, enabling them to tailor their searches based on specific preferences and requirements, thereby simplifying the path to finding the perfect space.

By bringing all options under one digital roof, we have not only facilitated a more efficient search process but also fostered a more interactive and client-centric experience. This centralization reflects a deep understanding of the client’s journey, optimizing it to save time and provide clear, immediate insights into the vibrant opportunities available in the Nove Nivy locale, enhancing the user journey from start to finish.

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