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Rebranding project for a local market leader with 75 years of experience in supplying work equipment.




Jakub Otcenas

Marián Matej

Ema Cepková

Júlia Molčanová

With a storied 75-year history of being a frontrunner in supplying protective and work clothes and equipment, REMPO is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. We took great pride in being commissioned to rejuvenate their visual communication, infusing fresh vitality while preserving the company's rich heritage.

The iconic traditional logo remains the cornerstone of the brand; however, it has been tastefully augmented with a vibrant palette of new colors and a refined typographic system. These elements breathe new life into the visual identity, forging a bridge between the company's substantial legacy and the dynamic present.

Adding to this revitalized visual language is a compelling new claim: “Máme!” which translates to “We have!” This not only stands as a testament to REMPO's expansive portfolio but also reaffirms their market-leading position with a message that is confident and assertive. Through the enhanced visual system and refreshed communication standards, REMPO is set to continue its journey as a beacon of trust and quality in its industry, embodying a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

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