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Nivy Mall Kiosk

Interactive kiosk app for Nivy Mall, focused on enhancing visitor navigation and engagement.


HB Reavis


Jakub Otčenáš

Marián Matej

Peter Galko

Nivy Mall's kiosk app aims to redefine the shopping experience and make navigation more intuitive. Designed with a user-centric approach, the app includes smart search functionality, seamless navigation, accessibility options, and multilingual support, catering to a diverse clientele.

The app also serves as a digital concierge, offering real-time promotions and events to enhance engagement between stores and shoppers. Additionally, it features analytics tools that allow mall management to gather insights into visitor behavior and preferences, guiding strategic decisions to optimize the visitor experience and operational efficiency.

This integrated approach elevates the customer journey, empowers retailers, and streamlines management processes, representing a significant advancement in how retail spaces interact with their audiences. Further details about the approach and technology used can be found in the article on our blog.

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