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Stop Corruption Foundation


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Held annually in the vibrant city of Košice, Slovakia, the festival — whose name translates to "deep cleaning" — stands as a dynamic space where governmental and societal dialogues come to life. Now in its 6th year, the festival embraced a significant rebranding, infusing fresh life into its already vibrant legacy through a new visual identity that resonates with its central cleansing theme.

The rebranding journey unveiled a series of new visuals, materials, a revamped website, and animations, all conceived from a deep exploration of cleaning at a macro level. Drawing inspiration from the process of applying detergent where chemicals interact with water and soap attaches to dirt to lift it from the surface, the design is populated with imagery of soft edges, round objects, and bubbles. This aesthetic, realized through innovative AI technology, brought a sense of cohesion and vivid imagery to the festival's diverse program, which spans discussions, concerts, inspiring talks, and workshops, offering a rich tapestry of experiences where wisdom meets humor, underscored by insights from notable speakers like Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová.

This refreshed identity, deeply woven with the festival’s core theme, elevates the visual narrative and transforms the event into an immersive, enriching experience, resonating profoundly with attendees as they navigate a space of rejuvenated perspectives and inspiring dialogues.

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