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Radosť Social Media

Social media vibrancy for Radost, the joyful telecommunication partner.

Social Media Strategy

Lukáš Pazera

Katarína Pirháčová

Peter Galko

Jakub Otčenáš

Social Media Management

Lukáš Pazera

Nikola Kisfaludyová

Graphic Design

Nikoleta Dekanová

Lucia Grečnárová

Paulína Kvaššayová

Design Direction

Jakub Lysý

Marián Matej


Jakub Michal Teringa

Project Manager

Ema Čabová

Radost, a dynamic MVNO in Slovakia, mirrors its name's essence - joy - in its engaging social media presence, a project we're thrilled to steer with a fresh visual palette. Our approach intertwines playful messaging and vivid designs, crafting an online persona that resonates with the youthful zest of its audience. Thematic photoshoots depicting the spirited lives of young adults amplify this connection, positioning Radost as a relatable and vibrant companion.

Beyond digital realms, Radost embraces the tangible joy of local events and unique merchandise, blending the online and offline worlds in a celebration of community and connectivity. With competitive mobile plans tailored to diverse needs, Radost champions affordable, flexible telecommunication solutions, making every interaction a testament to the joy it's named after.

Our goal is to reflect this commitment across social platforms, encapsulating Radost's commitment to enriching the digital and physical landscapes it inhabits.

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