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Simplified residential scholarship application process for students at Nádvorie Kampus.




Jakub Lysý

Marián Matej

Peter Galko

Nádvorie Kampus stands as a hub for holistic student development in Trnava, offering a rich residential scholarship program teeming with personal mentorship, workshops, and a nurturing community aimed at fostering students' skills and personal projects. At the heart of entering this vibrant ecosystem is a streamlined and intuitive registration system, the bedrock of which was designed and developed by our team.

In this newly refined process, prospective scholars are invited to showcase their potential through a detailed application process, laying out their academic profile along with key personal attributes like energy, altruism, and leadership. The system not only simplifies the application process for students but also creates a streamlined platform for mentors to find and select the candidates who resonate with the program’s ideals.

Our focused approach in crafting this registration process was to remove the friction and create a seamless bridge connecting ambitious students with the enriching experiences that Nádvorie Kampus has to offer, paving a straightforward path to personal and academic growth.

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