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Social media and content marketing to establish the Nové Nivy business district.


HB Reavis Slovakia


Marián Matej

Jakub Otcenas

Social Media

Lukáš Pazera


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HB Reavis entrusted us with fostering a vibrant online presence for Nové Nivy, a dynamic business district nestled in the heart of Bratislava. Through targeted social media communication on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, paired with a dynamic content marketing strategy, we sought to encapsulate and broadcast the energetic pulse of the district.

Our efforts were not just about buildings but the stories and the people behind them. We showcased inspiring narratives from the neighborhood, introduced remarkable individuals shaping the community, and highlighted the myriad benefits and perks of residing and working in the area.

This initiative was not merely a campaign; it was about crafting a digital space that mirrors the lively, interactive, and community-centric ethos that Nové Nivy stands for, truly bringing the vibrant district to the fingertips of a wider audience.

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