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Brand design and strategy for a distinctive real estate project situated in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.


Gerulata Technologies


Jakub Otcenas

Marián Matej


Lubos Lenghart

Pavol Eichler


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In the vibrant heart of Belgrade’s Dorćol district, the Marina Dorćol residential development rises, illustrating a seamless blend of premium modern living with a respectful nod to the rich backdrop of its location. Working closely with the well-established developer, SEBRE, we laid the foundations of a brand strategy that is as premium as it is attuned to the area's vibrant culture.

At the helm of the architectural narrative were the award-winning Czech architect Stanislav Fiala and the locally renowned Jelena Kuzmanović, whose visions guided the development to showcase graceful, curving buildings that harmonize perfectly with Dorćol’s dynamic surroundings. A signature feature of the development is the green loggia in each apartment, providing residents with a private slice of nature amidst the urban environment.

Crafting the brand identity, we delved into Dorćol's rich industrial history and the exclusive riverside setting to forge a sense of premium living that is contemporary yet deeply rooted in its historic context. Marina Dorćol represents more than a residential space; it’s a beacon of premium living, set in a locale where the past and present converge in harmonious design.

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