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HB Reavis

Design and architecture of a comprehensive design system library for an international provider of workspace solutions.


HB Reavis


Marián Matej

Jakub Otcenas


Pavol Eichler


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In the dynamic landscape of workspace solutions, HB Reavis stands tall as a leading European provider, with a presence spanning several robust markets including the UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. At the heart of their mission lies a steadfast commitment to enhancing productivity and fostering well-being, principles that guided our collaborative endeavor to craft a comprehensive design system library grounded in the company's original logo.

This initiative was more than a design task; it was a strategic move towards fostering a cohesive and consistent brand perception across diverse markets and channels. The design system library operates as a compass, guiding the brand communication with a unified voice, thereby instilling confidence in the audience and encouraging interaction with the HB Reavis brand.

Envisioned as a living document, the system spells out rules and guidelines that draw from a pool of reusable functional elements, seamlessly integrating within a digital ecosystem. This not only serves to streamline the communication process but also ensures that the narrative stays true to the core of the HB Reavis brand, promoting a deep understanding and fostering a reliable and enriching relationship with the audiences, irrespective of the market or the channel of engagement.

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